Hunter Peavey

I am a radiologic technologist in Edmonds, WA. I am passionate about free software, and I maintain a few free software projects.



A terminal window showing the output of [wtwitch c]

Wtwitch is a command line interface for browsing and watching Twitch streams. You can view the top streams, the top games, the top streams for a given game, search games, search streams, and subscribe to streamers, all without a Twitch account. (Note: subscribing with wtwitch is different from a "Twitch sub"; with wtwitch, subscribing simply means you can easily check the status of all of your subscriptions at any given time.)


A terminal window showing the output of [krackctl status]

Krack is a set of programs for automated Arch Linux package builds, and powers Krack creates hooks at multiple points in the build process for each package that execute user-defined scripts, similar to pacman hooks but with less configuration required. Krack also includes advanced logging features that will help you easily diagnose any build problems.


A semi-large collection of AppArmor profiles for Arch Linux. Includes profiles for both desktop and server software.


A smaller collection of systemd drop-ins for hardening system services, particularly for server-oriented software.

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